Engine Management Solutions



ACE has many years of working with the top engine management system providers in the industry and can provide the right tuning solution for any vehicle.  We specialize in the implementation of advanced engine management systems. We offer various plug and play ECU solutions that can make the integration of a custom ECU a breeze and we strive to meet the goals of every integration. When a plug in ECU is not available off the shelf ACE is able to identify the hardware needed to meet the goals of the driver/vehicle and design and build a wiring harness for your car new or old. Whether you want to integrate a new standalone engine management system into your factory harness or need to create a completely new harness for a track, vintage, or purpose-built car we are up to the task.

 Many of our engine management solutions allows us to install fail safes in the advent of a mechanical failure  that could otherwise cripple or destroy the engine/car. We tune for an emissions-conscious idle and part-  throttle for a clean burn, as this keeps carbon deposits down and increases engine life. WOT and high RPM  conditions are tuned for engine longevity.

Most of these features are unavailable on factory engine computers (DME).   

ACE Builds packages primarily using Emtron Engine Management computers and Link Engine Management.  Our solutions are well vetted and offer plugin kits that come with base maps to help you get your car up and running on our system quickly.  We also offer unparalleled support for our products.

If you do not see an application for your car please ASK.  We have built many more solutions than the kits that are listed.

The video below is of a 2004 BMW M3 with a custom installed Vortech YSI supercharger.  The factory ECU was not up to the task so ACE designed and integrated a Link (Vi-PEC V88) ECU.  This ECU allowed for management of the added requirements on the supercharger and upgraded fuel system.  ACE installed this ECU with no compromise as it had full vanos control, e-throttle control and CAN integration allowing for all gauges and warning lights to function as factory.


Emtron 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor


  The Emtron 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor is a state-of-the-art, high temperature,media resistant absolute pressure sensor. It is highly accurate,providing an analog output signal proportional to the pressureapplied. DOWNLOAD 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor Datasheet -...

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Emtron 4.0 Bar MAP Sensor


Description The Emtron 4.0 Bar MAP Sensor is a state-of-the-art, high temperature,media resistant absolute pressure sensor. It is highly accurate,providing an analog output signal proportional to the pressureapplied. DOWNLOAD 4.0 Bar MAP Sensor...

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Emtron 8 way CAN Key Pad


This keypad can be configured to control various engine, display and vehicular functions. This keypad has been tested in the most vigorous motorsport environments and ensure reliability and consistency for those seeking the best option in the marketplace...

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Emtron CAN Gauge


This product is currently for pre-order. Purchasing this product now will secure you get your Emtron CAN Gauge in the first batch (est Sep 2019).  The Emtron CAN Gauge is an innovative compact OLED gauge for displaying real-time data from your ECU...

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Emtron ECU Tuning Cable


Emtron Tuning Cable   Cable has standard ethernet connection on 1 end and Emtron communication connector on the other.   Use with Emtron Comms cable - Superseal Pins to Emtron Connector

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Emtron ED5 Display with GPS


ED-5 Carbon Digital Dash Displays feature a full-colour, daylight readable screen surrounded by a tough, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite housing. Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housing for RPM and shift light...

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Emtron EIC16M


The EIC16M is a device designed to increase the input channel capability of all Emtron ECUs. The device is connected via CAN bus and will be automatically detected which will significantly minimize configuration time. The enclosure is made from billet...

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Emtron ELC1 - Single channel canbus controller


Emtron Canbus based Lambda single channel controller. ELC Overview:: 6061 Aluminium CNC Billet EnclosureDTM Connector System for power and CAN bus64MHz 16Bit Automotive ProcessorEMAP Pump Current CompensationProgrammable from Emtune Tuning Software via...

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