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ACE Performance is your local expert for purchasing and installing upgrades to your Tesla.  We work with top tier companies to ensure that your Tesla gets the best engineered product that meets your goals.  


MOUNTAIN PASS PERFORMANCE is an EV oriented performance company started in  2017 by a group with a deep rooted history in racing motorsport. With a goal is to carry that background to the electric car community, and develop EV’s into not only efficient and logical vehicles – but objects of desire. Cars that you want to drive. Cars that are rewarding and exciting to drive. There is more to performance than just power and straight line acceleration. And that is what we’re all about. Mountain Pass Performance is the leader in Upgrades, Modifications, and Custom Tuning for your Model S, 3, X, and Y!


UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE  is the world leader in premium performance upgrades for Tesla vehicles. With our USA-made line of stylish and high-performance parts, our sole focus is on holistic development and improvement of all Tesla cars.


Unplugged Performance was founded and incubated by the team behind the world-renowned automotive customizer Bulletproof Automotive. Unplugged Performance is the world's leading company focused on the customization and sports performance of Tesla Motors vehicles.


All of our parts are researched and engineered on our own development vehicles with the intention of improving every aspect of the driving and ownership experience. Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give a new sporty performance identity to Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y and Cybertruck


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